Grey Water Treatment

Recycling “Used” Water

Grey water treatment, is a process used to clean domestic grey water which can then can be re-used to save you money and save water.

Grey water treatment systems collect, treat and recycle the relatively clean waste water or grey water from baths, showers, sinks, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances.

Grey water treatment produces recycled grey water that is re-usable as an alternate water source for watering gardens, flushing tiolets and irrigating lawns.

Treated grey water can be safely re-used, but is NOT suitable for human consumption.

The water from toilet systems is not grey water, it is black water, and must not be part of any grey water treatment system.


GREY water Treatment Products



Grey Water Treatment System

An innovative new water treatment system from Intewa. The AQUALOOP is the perfect grey water treatment and recycling solution.

The AQUALOOP system recycles water to produce clean, high quality, germ-free water which is safe and reuseable.

The AQUALOOP efficiently recycles surface water, groundwater, runoff water from wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater, household grey water and harvested rainwater.

The AQUALOOP system is highly effective, has a long working lifespan and is safe for the environment.

aqualoop product