Grey Water Treatment System

AQUALOOP is an innovative new grey water treatment product for recycling grey water. The Aqualoop produces clean high quality germ-free water that is re-useable.

The AQUALOOP efficiently recycles water from a variety of different sources. Sources include surface water, groundwater, runoff water from wastewater treatment plants, industrial wastewater and household greywater. It can even be added to an existing rainwater harvesting system for water purification purposes.

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About Aqualoop

AQUALOOP is a modular two tank system that utilises a three-stage treatment process.

  1. Course pre-filtration, the pre-removal of large contaminants like hair & skin.
  2. Biological degradation, a natural biological degradation of contaminants and reduction of COD/BOD and turbidity levels using growth media and aeration.
  3. Ultra-fine membranes, these filter the water to 0.2 microns and remove over 99.9% of any viruses & bacteria that may be present in the water.

The AQUALOOP system can meet both the residential and commercial sector grey water treatment needs, and is capable of treating up to 7000 litres of contaminated water per day.


Aqualoop System Components

The AQUALOOP system consists of a small number of modular components that are easily assembled and are dependent upon the individual application requirements.

  • Bioreactor & Clear water tanks.
  • Pre-Filter.
  • Growth Media.
  • Membrane station, system controller & blower.
  • Ultra-fine filtration membranes.

Recommended system service maintenance intervals vary from between 6 – 24 months depending on the level of source water contamination.

Aqualoop Applications

The Aqualoop system provides a grey water treatment and recycling solution capable of meeting the volume requirements of both the residential and commercial sectors.

  • Treating domestic greywater for safe re-use or storing it indefinitely.
  • Improvement of poor quality mains, rain/river/dam water to usable levels.
  • Treating laundry water for safe re-use.
  • Treatment of certain types of manufacturing “wash-down” water for re-use.
  • Treating water for aquaristics and fish farming.
  • Treating water for use in condensers or as coolant water.
  • Commercial sites with ablutions

Aqualoop System Overview

Aqualoop System
  • 1 Bioreactor
  • 2 Wheel weight
  • 3 Membrane
  • 4 Suction pump
  • 5 Back flush pump
  • 6 Float switch Bioreactor BR min
  • 7 Back flush tank
  • 8 Pre-filter
  • 9 Bioreactor inflow
  • 10 Blower
  • 11 24 Volt switching power supply
  • 12 Control unit
  • 31 Bioreactor emergency overflow
  • 14 Clear water inflow
  • 15 Clear water tank emergency overflow
  • 16 Float switch clear water CL max
  • 17 Clear water tank
  • 18 Float switch clear water min (e.g. RM Eco)
  • 19 Clear water suction

Further Information

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Aqualoop To The Rescue

In cases where there is not enough rainwater available, or where there is not enough space for a large rainwater storage tank, the recycling of greywater can be the perfect solution to save mains water.


Christian Brothers Centre SA situated in beautiful Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape, installed the first AQUALOOP water treatment system in South Africa. The learning facility, set on magnificent lush grounds dating back to the late 1700’s, rebuilt the old campus using sustainable systems. The Aqualoop installation collects greywater from a dormitory with 6 showers and hand basins and re-uses the clean, processed water to flush the toilets.



In this project, the AQUALOOP components are installed in locally made corrugated steel tanks. Using this principle, the AQUALOOP concept provides a very flexible and cost effective installation. Enabling local tank manufacturers to build up their own water re-use systems in house.